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Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 

Nama  : Mutiara Hikmah Hardiyanti
Kelas   : 3EB24
NPM   : 25212186

Hobbies and Daily Activity

Hi, I want to introduce myself, my name is Mutiara Hikmah Hardiyanti. My friends usually call my name is Tiara. I have a task and the task this time course of softskill where we are given the task to tell hobbies and daily activities.

Before that i want to tell about my interest of korea especially south of korea. The examples such as culture and food. Some of Korean food that I like is samgyetang, bibimbap, ramyun, kimbap, kimchi (although not really like), bulgogi, Tteokbokki, and mandu. Speaking of mandu, mandu is one hot snacks to fill the stomach during the winter. Here I will tell you a little of my new hobby lately, which makes mandu. Although previously I've ever tried to eat mandu but this time I was curious and want to try to make mandu.

The first experiment when making mandu results are not bad and the second experiment is quite satisfactory. Hobby besides making mandu, my other hobby is watching Korean music, reality shows, variety shows and do not miss that Korean dramas. If there was a time I always took time to watch as relieving boredom and fatigue.

Of interests and hobbies me in watching the drama, the drama has many titles that I have watched, I forget how many titles drama. Until now, I still watch and will further back in the title to watch the latest drama. Usually if I want to watch the show and drama through cable tv. Because I liked the music and a few times I took the time to watch live some idol group from South of korea.

This time when I was working on tasks, the most needed music to accompany. So I am used to do the work while listening to music and favorite songs. Actually nothing too special about my hobbies, but I think this is my most enjoyable hobby due to unwind. In addition, my other hobby is playing badminton although not too often and only when there is spare time took time to play, and although not an expert but very fun to play badminton.

After telling my hobby and then want to tell you about my daily activities. I am a student majoring in accounting and currently lectures on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Every day I do not just lecture on the campus but at some campuses and class schedule from morning until evening. After entering the 6th semester in college activities passable solid enough. My activities, especially our students who have entered the 6th semester is to develop and make scientific writing.

As for the other activities on campus is to follow the lab according to a fixed schedule. For my class will begin on april precisely at the beginning of April on Thursday and Saturday. If there are no classes scheduled, on a normal day I will be pass up a new experiment to create something together with my sister and on weekends usually I will spend time with the family to eliminate fatigue. In addition to spending time with family, I would spend time with friends, whether we go to watch or eat, the most important we can refresh the mind.

Sometimes after college, I was with my friends make a pact to play together and not immediately return home. To fill our usual activities will be up to something, such as not long ago, or rather yesterday I was with my friends take the time to get together and spend time together. Very pleasant although only 2 days 1 night. Hopefully next time we can spending some time and  have the experience more interesting and fun.

For now there are not many things I do, when I want to focus in preparing scientific writing. I do not really like to spend time outside the home and would rather spend time at home with my preferred activities. This is a first tasks in this course what can I tell about hobbies and daily activities. Thankyou.

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