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Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

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Theory of Passive Sentence

The passive voice is used when we want to focus attention on the person or thing affected by the action. Normally, the performer of the action, or the agent, comes first and is made the subject of the verb and then we use the active form of the verb. The other person or thing is made the object of the verb. Consider these examples:
a.      'The boss invited her to the party.'
b.   'The construction company in Station Road employs three hundred people.'
However, if you want to focus on the person or thing affected by the action, you make the person or thing the subject of the sentence and use the passive voice:
a.       'She was invited to the party by the boss.'
b.   'Three hundred people are employed by the construction company in Station Road.'
Definition of Passive Sentence

Definition of Passive Sentence is a grammatical construction (grammatical forms) where the subject of the sentence does not take action, but receives the action or follow-up (the receiver of the action) by another agent (DOER of action) either stated or not.

Formula of Passive Sentence (Present simple)

Example : 

Create a ten questions passive sentence to active sentence !
1.       A cake is being made by my mother.
           Active : My mother is making a cake.

2.      A party will be held by her. 
          Active : She will hold a party.

3.      The match has been won by the team.
          Active : The team has won the match.

4.      The meeting would be cancelled by him.
          Active : He would cancel the meeting.

5.      This plane was made by them in Germany.
          Active : They made this plane in Germany.

6.      They are met by him everyday.
          Active : They are met by him everyday.

7.      This plant is watered by her every two days.
          Active : She waters this plant every two days.

8.      The terrorist was shot by the army.
          Active : The army shot the terrorist.

9.      The umbrella is being took by Raina.
          Active : Raina is taking the umbrella.

10.  Some flowers are being bought by Evan for his girlfriend.
          Active : Evan is buying some flowers for his girlfriend.

Create a ten questions active sentence to passive sentence !

1.      Toni sings the song.
          Passive : The song is sung by Toni.

2.      They eat the food.
          Passive : The food is eaten by them.

3.      Tina washes the dishes every day.
          Passive : The dishes are washed by Tina.

4.      I buy a new pen.
          Passive : A new pen is bought by me.

5.      John studies English every day.
          Passive : English is studied by John every day.

6.      I draw a picture.
          Passive : A picture is drawn by me.

7.      She does not write the story.
          Passive : The story is not written by her.

8.      Does your mother cook the food ?
          Passive : Is the food cooked by your mother ?

9.      Do they sing the song ?
          Passive : Is the song sung by them ?

10.  He doesn’t help us.
          Passive : We are not helped by him.

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