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Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Nama  : Mutiara Hikmah Hardiyanti
Kelas   : 3EB24
NPM   : 25212186


            Although it has a lot of info about the harmful effects of junk food or fast food, but fast food is still has many fans. Junkfood meals did come from western countries, but junk food restaurant turned out to be more prevalent in other regions such as Asia, particularly Indonesia. There have been many studies that show about the harmful effects of junk food. Neither the study of western and eastern countries, all of them proving that junk food gives more negative than positive effects.
            Fast food generally has a tempting flavors, and most often addictive after the first meal, especially children. Children usually like to imitate their friends who have eaten food like it. Junk food is generally low in nutrients, but high in calories, mostly from added sugar, starch or fat. Thus the adverse effects on health junkfood can already be predicted. Although the children love, should not be too much to give it to them.
            Junk Food in the language defined as junk food, junk food is a food that has nutritional value, vitamins, and fiber but low-sugar, salt, calories, fat and additives are high. Unlike the Food Fast food processing that is quick and fast, but still have sufficient nutritional value. Junk Food in addition to the presentation quickly, these foods only contain carbohydrates and fat. During this time there was a misunderstanding about the Fast Food. Apparently not all Fast Food bad for our bodies.
            According to Professor of the Institute of Agriculture (IPB) Prof. Dr. Ir. Hardinsyah MS., The notion of fast food is any food and drink that we can eat in a short time and a short (Hidayah 2012). According to him, Fast Food can be divided into three categories. The first, which has a bad impact because a lot of salt, fat, and sugar. Second, who do not have good or bad effects. Third, a good category consumed as a source of energy and health.
            Fast food type that is healthy for the body, according Hardinsyah include pecel or gado-gado. The traditional food including types of fast food. That's because the presentation is fast and very good to eat because it contains vegetables. Therefore, not all the Fast Food is bad for health.
            While Junk Food which includes Fast Food, the first category contains a lot of oil, fat (especially saturated fat and trans oils), has a salty taste as much salt and too much sugar sweet because, clearly an unhealthy diet if consumed excessively in the period long time. Foods that contain too much salt to be one of the factors that cause hypertension. Likewise, foods that contain excess sugar became one of the causes of obesity. And foods that contain excess fat to be a factor causing obesity and bad cholesterol (LDL) increases.

Here below are some foods that fall into the junk food that is:

            This food group high calorie content, fat content or oil and the high oxide. When consumed regularly can lead to obesity. Fliers apparently it can lead to coronary heart disease. In the process of frying many substances formed karsiogenik, which has been demonstrated tendency of cancer for those who eat fried food is much higher than that consume little or no fried foods.

Canned Food
            Either in the form of canned fruit or canned meat, nutritional content already much damaged, especially vitamin content was almost entirely destroyed. Protein content has undergone changes to its absorption properties slowed. Nutritional value is much reduced. Other canned foods are loaded with salt nitrite which can cause cancer also contain preservatives or dyes that burden of liver. In addition, many canned fruits and diasup high sugar levels in the body into liquid form so that absorption is very fast. In a short time can cause blood sugar levels to rise, aggravating the burden of the pancreas. in conjunction with the high calories may lead to obesity.

Salty snacks
            In the salting process takes significantly adding salt, which can lead to salt content of food is over the limit, adding to the burden on the kidneys. For those consuming pickled foods, the dangers of hypertension may occur. Moreover, the process is often added pengasiann ammonium nitrite which causes an increased danger of cancer of the nose and throat. High salt levels can damage the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. For those who are continuously eating salty foods likely to be affected by inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

Food from fatty meat and offal
            Although containing protein, vitamins and minerals but in fatty meats and offal containing saturated fat and cholesterol that has been adjudged as the originator of heart disease. Reviewed offal meal in large quantities and for long periods can cause coronary heart disease and malignant tumors (colon cancer), breast and other cancers. Fat and beef offal containing moderately high cholesterol. Cholesterol content in beef fat is 1,250 mg / 100 g, whereas beef offal 3.800 mg / 100 g. Consumption of fatty meat and offal to excess in the long term, it is feared may increase blood cholesterol levels. Purine content of beef offal was also high, and if consumed in the long term can cause an increase in uric acid levels.

Meals Processed Meat (ham, sausage, etc.).
            The main components of sausages consists of meat, fat, and water. In addition, the sausage also added additional materials such as salt, phosphates, preservatives (usually nitrite / nitrate), colorants, ascorbic acid, protein isolates, and carbohydrates. In the group of food containing nitrite salt may cause cancer, also contain preservatives / dyes and others that burden of heart / liver. In ham and so on, high sodium levels, consuming large amounts can shake a blood pressure and kidney function burdensome. Can lead to colon cancer, cancer, tapeworm, heart disease, stroke when eaten frequently, because the fat and cholesterol levels were higher in the sausage.

Soda (Soft Drink)
            Consumption of fast food (junk food) and soft drinks (soft drinks) into one form of diet teenagers today. Soft drinks (soft drinks) to be one part of adolescent lifestyle big cities, because the presentation of attractive packaging. Kada soft drinks containing high sodium and simple sugars are too high. Consuming these beverages in excessive amounts can lead to various diseases such as kidney failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Processed Cheese
            Cheese contains fat and high salt. Often consume processed cheese can cause weight gain of up to elevated blood sugar. Consuming cake / cheese cake spawn can lead to poor eating passion. Consumption of foods high in fat and high sugar often results in the emptying of the stomach. Many cases of occurrence hyperakiditas and burning.

Instant Noodles
            Meals is classified as foods high in salt, poor in vitamins and minerals. High salt content causes the weight of the kidneys, increases blood pressure and lipid containing trans, burden of coronary arteries. Noodles contain many additives, flavorings in the form of materials and preservatives. Additional ingredients that are already regulated their use, but we should still limit themselves to not consume to excess.

Baked goods / burned
            The food was burned, such as satay, grilled fish, sausages, meatballs, or ham. These foods can contain cancer-causing carcinogens. The process of burning food either with charcoal or other often accompanied by the formation of charcoal or charred. Hirst on dangerous food because it contains a lot of carbon atoms, which in large quantities can lead to cancer (carcinogenic).
            Many factors make the teens prefer to consume Fast Food (category Junk Food). Among other things busyness of parents, especially mothers who do not have time to prepare food at home so that teenagers prefer buyers outside food. Environmental, social and economic conditions also influence the consumption behavior of teenagers in Indonesia. In addition, the presentation of Fast Food is a fast and practically did not take long, it feels good, according to taste and often consume Fast Food can raise the social status of adolescents, raising the prestige and not outdated.
            Seeing the consumption behavior that occurs, people need to know the impact caused by the excessive consumption patterns of the Junk Food. Since the rise of Fast Food outlets in Indonesia, the prevalence of obesity is based on the National Health Survey (Surkesnas) each year is increasing. Results of a national survey conducted in 1996/1997 in the capital of all provinces in Indonesia showed that in the age group 18 years and over, overweight by. The more the value prevalence of obesity in Indonesia is increasing (SIH M 2010). (RAP)



Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Nama  : Mutiara Hikmah Hardiyanti
Kelas   : 3EB24
NPM   : 25212186

Learning English 

   Learning English. The theme this time was to tell the story of my experience of studying English. First time I study English outside of school is when the course in an institution. At that time I was sitting in the elementary school.

   That's a lot of experience that I got and get a new friend. Schedule the courses in the morning until afternoon. In my other courses, at school, I was already an English lesson. We studied together with friends.

   In addition to the experience of courses at the time is still attending primary school, when high school I went on an english course with my best friend in one of the different institutions. I courses at night. There I get experience and a new lesson. We were given an assignment to tell our experience when holiday idul fitri. Not a lot of stuff I remember at that time.

   Although it has already experienced enough at the time of course. But I think there's a lot less in English. And I have much to learn about English, especially in the conversation. When the course I didn't take a class special conversation.

   Now I am as a student. And on the campus of the beloved this I also got an English lesson. When in 1th class and 3rd class. We studied the present tense, active and passive sentence, mentranslate and many more. This is a little experience I can tell in softskill this time. Thank you

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Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Nama  : Mutiara Hikmah Hardiyanti
Kelas   : 3EB24
NPM   : 25212186


Theory of Passive Sentence

The passive voice is used when we want to focus attention on the person or thing affected by the action. Normally, the performer of the action, or the agent, comes first and is made the subject of the verb and then we use the active form of the verb. The other person or thing is made the object of the verb. Consider these examples:
a.      'The boss invited her to the party.'
b.   'The construction company in Station Road employs three hundred people.'
However, if you want to focus on the person or thing affected by the action, you make the person or thing the subject of the sentence and use the passive voice:
a.       'She was invited to the party by the boss.'
b.   'Three hundred people are employed by the construction company in Station Road.'
Definition of Passive Sentence

Definition of Passive Sentence is a grammatical construction (grammatical forms) where the subject of the sentence does not take action, but receives the action or follow-up (the receiver of the action) by another agent (DOER of action) either stated or not.

Formula of Passive Sentence (Present simple)

Example : 

Create a ten questions passive sentence to active sentence !
1.       A cake is being made by my mother.
           Active : My mother is making a cake.

2.      A party will be held by her. 
          Active : She will hold a party.

3.      The match has been won by the team.
          Active : The team has won the match.

4.      The meeting would be cancelled by him.
          Active : He would cancel the meeting.

5.      This plane was made by them in Germany.
          Active : They made this plane in Germany.

6.      They are met by him everyday.
          Active : They are met by him everyday.

7.      This plant is watered by her every two days.
          Active : She waters this plant every two days.

8.      The terrorist was shot by the army.
          Active : The army shot the terrorist.

9.      The umbrella is being took by Raina.
          Active : Raina is taking the umbrella.

10.  Some flowers are being bought by Evan for his girlfriend.
          Active : Evan is buying some flowers for his girlfriend.

Create a ten questions active sentence to passive sentence !

1.      Toni sings the song.
          Passive : The song is sung by Toni.

2.      They eat the food.
          Passive : The food is eaten by them.

3.      Tina washes the dishes every day.
          Passive : The dishes are washed by Tina.

4.      I buy a new pen.
          Passive : A new pen is bought by me.

5.      John studies English every day.
          Passive : English is studied by John every day.

6.      I draw a picture.
          Passive : A picture is drawn by me.

7.      She does not write the story.
          Passive : The story is not written by her.

8.      Does your mother cook the food ?
          Passive : Is the food cooked by your mother ?

9.      Do they sing the song ?
          Passive : Is the song sung by them ?

10.  He doesn’t help us.
          Passive : We are not helped by him.

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Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 

Nama  : Mutiara Hikmah Hardiyanti
Kelas   : 3EB24
NPM   : 25212186

Hobbies and Daily Activity

Hi, I want to introduce myself, my name is Mutiara Hikmah Hardiyanti. My friends usually call my name is Tiara. I have a task and the task this time course of softskill where we are given the task to tell hobbies and daily activities.

Before that i want to tell about my interest of korea especially south of korea. The examples such as culture and food. Some of Korean food that I like is samgyetang, bibimbap, ramyun, kimbap, kimchi (although not really like), bulgogi, Tteokbokki, and mandu. Speaking of mandu, mandu is one hot snacks to fill the stomach during the winter. Here I will tell you a little of my new hobby lately, which makes mandu. Although previously I've ever tried to eat mandu but this time I was curious and want to try to make mandu.

The first experiment when making mandu results are not bad and the second experiment is quite satisfactory. Hobby besides making mandu, my other hobby is watching Korean music, reality shows, variety shows and do not miss that Korean dramas. If there was a time I always took time to watch as relieving boredom and fatigue.

Of interests and hobbies me in watching the drama, the drama has many titles that I have watched, I forget how many titles drama. Until now, I still watch and will further back in the title to watch the latest drama. Usually if I want to watch the show and drama through cable tv. Because I liked the music and a few times I took the time to watch live some idol group from South of korea.

This time when I was working on tasks, the most needed music to accompany. So I am used to do the work while listening to music and favorite songs. Actually nothing too special about my hobbies, but I think this is my most enjoyable hobby due to unwind. In addition, my other hobby is playing badminton although not too often and only when there is spare time took time to play, and although not an expert but very fun to play badminton.

After telling my hobby and then want to tell you about my daily activities. I am a student majoring in accounting and currently lectures on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Every day I do not just lecture on the campus but at some campuses and class schedule from morning until evening. After entering the 6th semester in college activities passable solid enough. My activities, especially our students who have entered the 6th semester is to develop and make scientific writing.

As for the other activities on campus is to follow the lab according to a fixed schedule. For my class will begin on april precisely at the beginning of April on Thursday and Saturday. If there are no classes scheduled, on a normal day I will be pass up a new experiment to create something together with my sister and on weekends usually I will spend time with the family to eliminate fatigue. In addition to spending time with family, I would spend time with friends, whether we go to watch or eat, the most important we can refresh the mind.

Sometimes after college, I was with my friends make a pact to play together and not immediately return home. To fill our usual activities will be up to something, such as not long ago, or rather yesterday I was with my friends take the time to get together and spend time together. Very pleasant although only 2 days 1 night. Hopefully next time we can spending some time and  have the experience more interesting and fun.

For now there are not many things I do, when I want to focus in preparing scientific writing. I do not really like to spend time outside the home and would rather spend time at home with my preferred activities. This is a first tasks in this course what can I tell about hobbies and daily activities. Thankyou.

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Softskill Bahasa Indonesia 2

Nama  : Mutiara Hikmah Hardiyanti
Kelas   : 3EB24
NPM   : 25212186


Public speaking, merupakan salah satu skill penting yang harus dimiliki oleh setiap orang untuk bisa membangun karir yang sukses. Sebuah penelitian membuktikan bahwa sebagian besar perusahaan menjadikan kemampuan public speaking sebagai kriteria tertinggi dalam menilai calon pelamar kerja di perusahaannya.
Terlebih lagi di masa kini, pengetahuan bukanlah segalanya untuk mencapai sebuah kesuksesan. Orang dengan pendidikan tinggi belum tentu akan mudah diterima untuk bekerja di suatu perusahaan apabila ia tidak mampu berkomunikasi dengan baik di depan umum.

Definisi Public Speaking

Secara umum pengertian public speaking berarti adalah kemampuan berbicara di depan umum. Menurut Ys. Gunadi dalam Himpunan Istilah Komunikasi, public speaking adalah komunikasi yang dilakukan secara lisan mengenai suatu hal atau topik di hadapan banyak orang dengan tujuan mempengaruhi, mengajak, mendidik, mengubah opini, memberikan penjelasan, dan memberikan informasi kepada masyarakat di tempat tertentu.

Salah satu Profesi yang dilakukan secara lisan dan berbicara didepan umum yaitu, News Anchor.
"Menjadi seorang news anchor tidak terlalu sulit. Kuncinya, kamu harus selalu memperluas wawasan. Jangan pernah berhenti baca koran dan media online"

Berikut ini Tips untuk menjadi News Anchor :

1. Berkarier Reporter

Untuk menjadi seorang news anchor memang teramat susah, meski mendapatkan pengalaman terlebih dahulu dilapangan. Biasanya yang menjadi news anchor adalah yang sudah sangat berpengalaman di dunia jurnalistik, pertelevisian atau dunia broadcasting, oleh karenanya jarang yang instan menjadi news anchor. Peluang menjadi seorang reporter lebih besar untuk mengawali karier, baru setelah itu kamu bekerja keras menambah kemampuan kamu untuk menjadi seorang news anchor.

2.Menghadapi Narasumber

3. Rajin Berlatih

4. Menjaga Penampilan

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Tugas 4
Softskill Bahasa Indonesia 2 

Nama   : Mutiara Hikmah Hardiyanti
Kelas   : 3EB24
NPM   : 25212186

Buatlah materi tentang macam pengumpulan data dan kutipan beserta contohnya !


Pengumpulan data adalah prosedur yang sistemik dan standar untuk memperoleh data yang diperlukan. Pengumpulan data merupakan langkah yang amat penting dalam metode ilmiah, karena data digunakan untuk menguji hipotesa yang telah dirumuskan (kecuali pada penelitian eksploratif). Pengumpulan data selalu memiliki hubungan dengan masalah penelitian yang ingin dipecahkan. Masalah memberi arah dan mempengaruhi metode pengumpulan data. Banyak masalah yang dirumuskan tidak dapat dipecahkan karena metode untuk pengumpulan data tidak memungkinkan atau metode ada tidak dapat menghasilkan data yang diinginkan.

Metode Pengumpulan Data

1.      Kuesioner

Kuesioner adalah daftar pertanyaan tertulis yang ditujukan kepada responden. Jawaban responden atas semua pertanyaan dalam kuesioner kemudian dicatat/direkam

2.      Observasi

Pengamatan melibatkan semua indera (penglihatan, pendengaran, penciuman, pembau, perasa). Pencatatan hasil dapat dilakukan dengan bantuan alat rekam elektronik

3.      Wawancara

Pengambilan data melalui wawancara /secara lisan langsung dengan sumberdatanya, baik melalui tatap muka atau lewat telephone, teleconference. Jawaban responden direkam dan dirangkum sendiri oleh peneliti.

4.      Dokumen

Pengambilan data melalui dokumen tertulis mamupun elektronik dari lembaga/institusi. Dokumen diperlukan untuk mendukung kelengkapan data yang lain.

Dalam pengumpulan data penelitian membutuhkan suatu instrumen. Instrumen ini dibutuhkan untuk pengambilan data untuk penelitian baik penelitian kualitatif maupun penelitian kuantitatif. Instrumen penelitian adalah alat atau fasilitas yang digunakan oleh peneliti dalam mengumpulkan data agar pekerjaannya lebih mudah dan hasilnya lebih baik dalam arti lebih cermat, lengkap, dan sistematis sehingga lebih mudah diolah.

Secara general ada dua metode penelitian yang bisa digunakan oleh peneliti dalam melaksanakan penelitiannya. Kedua metode penelitian tersebut adalah metode penelitian kualitatif dan kuantitatif.
Metode penelitian kualitatif adalah metode penelitian yang sifatnya deskriptif dan induktif. Pada metode ini, penelitian sebuah fenomena beraangkat dari data yang ada, bukan dari teori. Jadi fokus penelitian kualitatif bukan pada pembuktian sebuah teori yang sudah ada.

Contoh penelitian kualitatif adalah penelitian tentang suatu suku di pelosok Indonesia. Penelitian dilakukan dengan melakukan pengamatan dan observasi langsung terhadap kehidupan suku tersebut selama waktu yang telah ditentukan, juga dengan cara mewawancarai kepala suku.
Metode penelitian kuantitatif adalah metode penelitian yang sifatnya induktif. Artinya, penelitian dengan metode kuantitatif berangkat dari sebuah teori. Metode penelitian ini sering kali digunakan untuk menguji dan membuktikan suatu teori.

Contoh penerapan metode penelitian kuantitatif adalah dalam ilmu pedagogi, saat seorang pendidik ingin membuktikan efektivitas suatu metode pembelajaran. Misalnya, peneliti memiliki hipotesis (dugaan) awal bahwa sering menonton film berbahasa inggris tanpa teks terjemahan berpengaruh positif pada kemampuan menyimak (listening) peserta didik. 


Pengertian Kutipan

Kutipan adalah salinan kalimat, paragraph, atau paendapat dari seorang pengarang atau ucapan orang terkenal karena keahliannya,baik yang terdapat dalam buku, jurnal, baik yang melalui media cetak maupun elektronik. Menurut kamus besar bahasa Indonesia, mengutip adalah mengambil perkataan atau kalimat dari buku atau yang lainnya. Mengutip itu berbeda dengan plagiat. Plagiat adalah mengambil karangan-karangan atau pendapat orang lain dan menjadikannya seolah-olah karangan atau pendapat sendiri.

Jenis-jenis Kutipan :

Pada umumnya kutipan dapat dibedakan menjadi 2 macam, yaitu:

1. Kutipan langsung (Direct Quotation)

Kutipan Langsung (Direct Quotation) adalah kutipan yang dilakukan persis seperti sumber aslinya, kata-kata yang digunakan sama seperti bahan aslinya.

Kutipan langsung biasanya digunakan untuk hal-hal sebagai berikut:

- untuk mengutip rumus atau model matematika
- untuk mengutip peraturan-peraturanhukum, surat keputudsan, surat perintah.
- untuk mengutip peribahasa, puisi, karyadrama, dan kata-kata mutiara.
- untuk mengutip beberapa definisi yang dinyatakan dalam kata-kata yang sudah pasti.
- untuk memgutip beberapa pernyataan ilmiah yang jika dinyatakan dalam bentuk lain dikhawatirkan   akan kehilangan maknanya.

Kutipan langsung dibagi menjadi 2,yaitu:

Kutipan langsung pendek (short direct quotation)

Adalah kutipan langsung yang panjangnya tidak melebihi tiga baris ketikan. Kutipan yang demikian dimasukkan dalam teks dengan memberikan tanda petik dyantara bahan yang dikutip. Kalau kutipan itu perlu dihilangkan beberapa kata atau bagian dari kalimat, maka pada awal kalimat diberi titik tiga buah.

Kutipan langsung panjang (Long Direct Quotation)

Adalah kutipan langsung yang panjangnya lebih dari tiga baris ketikkan. Kutipan tersebut diberi tempat sendiri, dalam alinea baru yang berdiri sendiri, diketik dengan satu spasi, dan lebar jorokkan kedalam dan kalimat pertama adalah tujuh ketukan huruf dari garis tepi yang baru, sedangkan baris kedua dan seterusnya dimulai sesudah dua ketukan huruf dari garis tepi kiri, serta tidak ditulis antara tanda petik.

2. Kutipan tidak langsung (Indirect Quotation atau paraphrase)

Kutipan tidak langsung adalah kutipan yang tidak persis sama seperti bahan aslinya. Kutipan ini merupakan suatu ketikan pokok-pokok pikiran atau ringkasan kesimpulan menurut jalan pikirasn dan bahasa pengutip sendiri. Kutipan ini tidak dituliskkan diantara tanda petik, melainkan langsung dimasukkan dalam kalimat atau alinea.

Kutipan tidak langsung dibedekkan menjadi dua, yaitu:

Kutipan tidak langsung pendek (short indirect quotation)

adalah kutipan tidak langsung yang terdiri darisatu alinea atau kurang.

Kutipan tidak langsung panjang (long indirect quotation)

adalah kutipan tidak langsung yang terdiri lebih dari satu alinea.

Contoh-contoh Kutipan:

Kutipan Langsung

Kesimpulan dari penelitian tersebut adalah “terdapat kecenderungan semakin banyak ’campur tangan’ pimpinan perusahaan samakin rendah tingkat partisipasi karyawan di daerah perkotaan” (Soebroto, 1990:23).

“Ada informasi pesan singkat yang menyesatkan. Kami akan selediki terus karena sumbernya sudah ada,” kata Kepala Bidang (KABID) HUMAS Polda Metro Jaya, Komisaris Besar Boy Rafli Amar, di Jakarta, sabtu (6/3).

“Gerak manipulatif adalah keterampilan yang memerlukan koordinasi antara mata , tangan, atau bagian tubuh lain . . . yang termasuk gerak manipuatif antara lain adalah menangkap bola, menendang bola, dan menggambar” (Asim, 1995:315)

Argumentasi adalah suatu bentuk retorika yang berusaha untuk mempengaruhi sikap dan pendapat orang lain, agar mereka itu percaya dan akhirnya bertindak sesuai dengan apa yang diinginkan oleh penulis atau pembicara (Keraf, 1983: 3).

“Java memisahkan komponen untuk menampilkan keluaran dengan komponen untuk melakukan format keluaran. Keuntungan pemisahan antara lain format keluaran benar-benar sangat kaya melebihi yang dapat diperoleh di C++” (Bambang Hariyanto, Esensi-esensi Bahasa Pemrograman Java, 2007, Hal. 78)

Kutipan Tidak Langsung

Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) memastikan tidak ada intervensi dalam pengusutan kasus Bank Century yang diduga terindikasi pelanggaran tindak pidana korupsi (Republika, Ahad 7 Maret 2010 halaman 1 ).

Dalam karangannya, lembaga tersebut kembali memperjelas bahwa panggalian tersebut hanya beberapa puluh meter dari masjid Al-Aqsha, dan semakin hari penggaliannya akan semakin di tingkatkan hingga mencapai kedalaman 10 meter, sampai ke area masjid Al-Aqsha (,16/3/2010).

Penulisan dengan identasi merupakan konvensi penulisan yang bagus untuk diikuti. Identasi berarti memberi iden setiap menemui blok baru pada blok-blok yang berbeda. Identasi adalah gaya penulisan program bukan bagian bahasa secara teknis, sehingga digunakan untuk memperjelas pembacaan program oleh pemrogram, bukan oleh kompilator. Kompilator menghasilkan keluaran yang sama meski tanpa identasi. (Bambang Hariyanto, Esensi-esensi Bahasa Pemrograman Java, 2007, Hal. 174)

Polymorphism, yang berarti mempunyai banyak bentuk, merupakan konsep pokok di dalam perancangan berorientasi objek. Dua objek atau lebih dikatakan polymorphic jika mempunyai antarmuka-antarmuka yang identik namun mempunyai perilaku-perilaku berbeda. (Bambang Hariyanto, Esensi-esensi Bahasa Pemrograman Java, 2007, Hal. 357)

Argumentasi pada dasarnya tulisan yang bertujuan mempengaruhi keyakinan pembaca agar yakin akan pendapat penulis bahkan mau melakukan apa yang dikatakan penulis (Keraf, 1983:3).